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We do our best to provide KCCP customers the best rates along with cleaner energy, but if you decide to opt out of KCCP and go back to PG&E service, please fill out the opt out form below. It takes up to 5 business days for your request to process and will be effective on your next billing cycle.

Still unsure about opting out? Check out our FAQs page or feel free to contact us here or our Customer Care center at    1-833-888-KING (5464).

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can I return to KCCP service after opting out?

Absolutely! Customers who opt out before or within 2 months of the KCCP service start may return at any time. Please note, if you opt out after 2 months of service start, PG&E will prohibit you from opting back in to KCCP for one year.

Why do I need to “opt out” to return to regular PG&E service?

King City Community Power is required by California CCA law to become the default provider of electric generation for customers within King City. Your choice is important to KCCP and you have the option to go back to regular PG&E service without any charges. You can opt out by filling out the form above, returning a KCCP notice sent to you by mail, by phone, or by providing a written notice. If you have any additional questions, please call our Customer Care center 1-833-888-KING (5464)

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