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Cómo Pedir Optar a no Participar

Hacemos todo lo que está en nuestra mano por proporcionar a los clientes de KCCP las mejores tarifas junto con la energía más limpia, pero si decide optar por no participar en el KCCP y volver al servicio de PG&E, por favor rellene el formulario de optar por no participar a continuación. Su solicitud puede tardar hasta 5 días hábiles para ser procesada y entrará en vigor a partir de su próximo ciclo de facturación.

¿Todavía no está seguro si desea optar por no participar? Consulte nuestra Página de preguntas frecuentes o no dude en comunicarse con nosotros aquí o con nuestro centro de atención al cliente: 1-833-888-KING (5464).

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  • What is KCCP?
    King City Community Power (KCCP) is a community-owned electric energy provider that offers all PG&E residential and commercial customers in King City special programming and clean electricity at competitive rates. KCCP is a CCA (Community Choice Aggregation) program working in partnership with PG&E in which KCCP supplies electricity to King City while PG&E delivers the energy over their existing power lines and wires.
  • How can King City provide electricity?
    Under the passage of California law AB 117 in 2002, it became possible for entities other than utilities to provide electricity to the citizens of California. AB 117 is known as Community Choice Aggregation or CCA.
  • How does King City benefit from CCA?
    KCCP procures power for King City and is administered by King City, therefore the profits typically earned by PG&E will now be directed to the benefit of the King City community. As decided by your elected officials, benefits may include but are not limited to: less expensive electricity, eco-friendly electric energy, special programming such as wireless streetlights, no cost solar installations for low income homes, and energy industry related job training.
  • How does the King City Council make decisions about KCCP?
    During King City Council meetings, all KCCP related decisions will be considered under the same laws and rules as other King City Council items. King City Council plans to address standard KCCP updates on a once per month basis while handling long-term changes, such as setting rates and selecting programming, annually. Members of the public are encouraged to attend these meetings to comment and provide the King City Council with feedback on KCCP.
  • Will my electric service be interrupted or affected by KCCP?
    Absolutely not. KCCP customers will not experience interruptions or changes in their electric service. Thanks to King City’s CCA partnership with PG&E, as always, KCCP customers will receive the same reliable service and monthly billing from PG&E.
  • Who should I contact if I have a question?
    For all KCCP related inquiries, please submit questions through our website or call our Customer Care center at 1-833-888-KING (5464) If you have questions regarding your natural gas service, PG&E programs and discounts, PG&E electric wire service, or an electrical or gas emergency, please contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000
  • How many written notices should I expect from KCCP?
    You will receive two notices by mail prior to the CCA launch and two additional notifications after the CCA launches and becomes effective -- four in total.
  • How will I be billed by KCCP?
    KCCP will bill you through your regular monthly PG&E statement, however you'll notice PG&E's electric energy charges will be replaced by KCCP's charges. The way you receive and pay your energy bill will not be affected. The only difference is that PG&E will send the KCCP charges they collected from your bill back to KCCP. You should continue to pay your PG&E bill as you always have.
  • Will I be able to keep the same rate plan that I have with PG&E?
    Except for a very small number of rate plans, KCCP provides the same plans as PG&E including Net Energy Metering. Please contact us through our website or our Customer Care center if you have any questions.
  • Will you honor my CARE/FERA/Medical Baseline Discount?
    Yes, these discounts are deducted from the PG&E portion of your electricity bill and discount recipients will continue to receive these benefits with KCCP.
  • Will I be able to stay on my Net Energy Metering (NEM) Plan?
    Of course! If you are on PG&E’s NEM program then you will be automatically enrolled in ours. Check out our Billing & Rates page for more details.
  • Will my NEM true-up be affected?
    Once you start service with KCCP, PG&E will automatically issue you a true-up so that both the PG&E and KCCP true-up dates align.
  • I don’t want to be a KCCP customer, what do I do?"
    Using your latest PG&E bill, locate your account number on the top right corner. Do not include any numbers after the dash. With your account number and customer information you can opt out of KCCP service through four options: Visit our Opt-out page Send a letter to: KCCP c/o Pilot Power 8910 University Center Lane, Suite 520 San Diego, CA 92122 Return a KCCP notice sent to you by mail Call our Customer Care center at 1-833-888-KING (5464) You will not be charged any fees by KCCP for opting out or opting back in if you reconsider and want to return to KCCP service. If you opt out within 2 months of starting service with us, your PG&E electric energy charges and terms of service should not be affected. If you opt out after 2 months of KCCP service, please call PG&E for further information regarding terms of service, including restrictions on returning to KCCP service.
  • Can I return to KCCP service after opting out?
    Absolutely! Customers who opt out before or within 2 months of the KCCP service start may return at any time. Please note, if you opt out after 2 months of service start, PG&E will prohibit you from opting back in to KCCP for one year.
  • Why do I need to "opt out" to return to regular PG&E service?"
    King City Community Power is required by California CCA law to become the default provider of electric generation for customers within King City. Your choice is important to KCCP and you have the option to go back to regular PG&E service without any charges. You can opt out by filling out the form here, returning a KCCP notice sent to you by mail, by phone, or by providing a written notice. If you have any additional questions, please call our Customer Care center 1-833-888-KING (5464)
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